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It’s really easy to install a 3D background, because poly-resin backgrounds sink. It means that you only slide them inside your aquarium and the background will stay in place. No need to drain your tank. You can have fish and plants inside your aquarium.
Yes, you can trim the background using angled grinder, dremmel or hack saw. But at we provide you with a made to measure background, so you will not have to adjust the background. It will be the exact size you need.

Our backgrounds are 3D, they are not flat on the back and so there is plenty of room behind the background to install heater and run filter pipes. It’s important to install the filter inlet pipe end in front of the background close to the bottom, so all the debris is sucked in. You can run the pipe behind the background and under the gravel/sand, so only the tip of inlet pipe is visible.

The outlet pipe should be located somewhere at the top of the background in the corner. If you install heater behind the background and you have a large aquarium it’s good to install additional power head or small internal filter next to the heater, so the warm water is pushed out from behind. This way your aquarium water temperature should be the same in whole aquarium. See pictures how to hide aquarium filter pipes here

Yes, we do 3D backgrounds to fit inside the Juwel aquariums. If you want to keep the existing Juwel internal filter, we can provide you with a shorter 3D background to fit between the filter box and the other corner of aquarium. Also we may produce a matching filter box cover. To see examples of 3D backgrounds to fit Juwel aquariums click here
No, background is not flexible, it’s solid and you can’t bend it, as it’s made from polyresin

We can provide background in couple of sections, each section can be slided separately in the tank and joined inside the tank. The joint will be visible as it is a straight line cut, but you can use plants or other decor to cover it.
Also you may use clear silicone in the gap to make it less visible. To get quote for any size background in sections go to

This is a very easy to fit 3D background,just make sure that the netting on the sides are fitted correctly,to stop any fish from getting behind the background when installing in your aquarium,As the fish can squeeze past it if you have not fitted it correctly.People who see my aquarium are fascinated by the appearance now the 3D Background is installed,and would definitely recommend these to anyone.
Great looking background. Easy to fit. Prompted my corydoras to start mating Really natural looking Easy to create a professional looking aquarium
Fantastic looks better than the pictures, will invest again for my other tank.
Great product, turns an ordinary aquarium into a special aquarium, very pleasing on the eye and my malawi cichlids love it, cichlid colours pop even more than before, love the grey colour a great compliment to my aquarium rock and substrate. Thank you so much. John.
Really great seller. Friendly, helpful and efficient. Product quality is excellent (although expensive even in as part of a bundle – but that is because I am not working right now) but absolutely worth the cost because of the effect achieved in my aquarium.
quality product,easy set up..perfect for Malawi cichlid community tank.Perfect !!
Looks great in my tank and creates a great place for my fish to hide. It mixes well with my rocks that I already have in the tank so it doesn’t look out of place. Very light weight so does not take to much volume of water
The product didn’t need washed before use and did not cloud my water.It looks good too! I have only had my tank up and running for 3 weeks, but my plants look healthy and settled and there is no nitrate/nitrite in the water and my fish are happy
Looks really real, and the pleco fish loves attaching itself to the rock!

Aquarium Decoration Tips – Video’s

How to install 3d background in aquarium with weirs?

In this video our customer Tazim is showing how he managed to install his 3d rock background inside a large aquarium. The background was supplied in 3 sections, due to having aquarium support braces. Tazim has used aquarium clear silicone to connect the sections and cover the seams with sand. 

Another quick 3D background installation in empty aquarium

In this video we will show how easy is to get the 3d aquarium background for your fish tank. In 3 seconds you will get a price on our website. But first you need to measure your aquarium inside, width and height and then go to

3D rock background in beige colour

In this aquarium (120x50cm ) we have installed a 3D rock background. All filter pipes and heater have been hidden behind the background. The filter inlet tip has been run through the sand and located in the front of background close to the bottom. The outlet pipe has been located at the top of background in the left corner of tank. 

3D Limestone Background designed for marine aquariums

The limestone background is built from modules, easy to fit in any fish tank.

Main features of limestone backgrounds: – easy to install, just slide in – no silicone required – background sinks – no need to drain your tank before installation – hide your filter piper, air tube, heater behind the background – durable material – easy to clean with sponge or brush – ultraviolet resistance – will fit any aquarium size, add as many modules as needed